What to do

From bird-spotting walks to a visit to a local tribal village, we offer something for all walks of life. Take a look at our wide range of activities to find the one for you. Whether you’re an avid birder or a thrill-seeking adventurer, we aim to offer you the perfect activities to fill out your days at Roberts Camp.

  • Walking Tours
  • Boat Rides
  • RUKO Community Wildlife Conservancy
  • Island Camp Lunch Buffet
  • Pokot Village
  • Il Chamus Cultural Home Visit
  • Lake Bogoria National Park
  • RAE Clinic Visit
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Lake Turkana. Sibiloi National Park

For further information on any of our activities, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Walking Tours

Nature Walk: 500KSh p/p. 1-3 hours

This stunning adventure-walk takes you along the lake shores and further afield into the volcanic cliffs that dominate the eastern skyline. Starting at Roberts’ Camp, submerge yourself in the meandering shorelines of Lake Baringo where you will encounter hippos, crocodiles and Nile Monitors. The walk then takes you toward the cliffs where you will be greeted by scorpions, rock hyraxes and snakes. Along the way you will bypass indigenous plants, trees and ecosystems, learning about their medicinal and cultural importance in local traditions. The walk climaxes atop the cliffs for breath-taking, panoramic views of the lake. And who knows; you may even meet a black mamba!

Bird Walk: 400KSh p/p. 1-3 hours

Being an ornithological paradise, Lake Baringo offers one of the world’s highest densities of bird species with over 500 species recorded in the area. And our highly-trained, local guides know exactly where to find the most beautiful, rare and exciting birds in the area. Our three specialised walks offer avid birders a tailor-made experience to cater for their ornithological needs:

Cliff Bird Walk takes clients to the rocky, basalt cliffs where you will find, amongst others, Bristle-Crowned Starlings, Brown-Tailed Rock Chats, Jackson’s Hornbills and the extremely rare Hemprich’s Hornbill.

West Bay Walk takes clients along the shore line where sightings will include Lichtenstein’s Sand grouse and Nightjars.

Southern Bay Walk takes clients to the southern tip of the lake in search of Heuglin’s Coursers and a great variety of stunning owls.

Special Night Walk: 600KSh p/p. 1 hour

The most dedicated Birders amongst you cannot miss out on the opportunity to spot Baringo’s nocturnal birds. Our specialized ornithologists will take you out after dark on the trail of the elusive night birds and, with their highly-trained eye, show you the best spots and best techniques to track them down. For this one, you will need a good lens and an even better eye if you want to be in for a chance of spotting the Heuglin’s courser, Grayfish, White-fronted Scops Owl, Nightjar, Sandgrouse and Spotted Thicknee.

School Groups/Students: 200KSh p/p. 2 hours

An educational and informative trip for students and teachers alike is offered that takes in the best of all the above walks. Students can have first-hand experience with traditional medicines and unique ecosystems whilst on the look-out for birds and dangerous animals. Can you spot more birds species than your classmates?

To organize a walking tour or for further details, please contact the bar.

Boat Rides

3,000KSh per hour

Get up close and personal with Lake Baringo’s aquatic residents and soak up the stunning scenery from the water. With our highly-trained, local guides at the helm, you can explore the entirety of the beautiful Lake Baringo and inspect the minute details of this extraordinary ecosystem from a unique viewpoint. Whilst hippo-spotting and croc-hunting, you can purchase a fish on the water from a local fisherman on his traditional balsawood boat to feed the magnificent Eagle Owl. Watch as the guide expertly commands the Eagle Owl to come and collect his lunch, spreading his wings wide and taking the fish effortlessly from the water. After a stop-off at Ol Kokwa Island’s hot springs and bypassing the haunted Devil’s Island, conclude your boat ride by feeding resident crocodile, Margaret.

Boat trips can be offered by a variety of different boat drivers and for varying lengths. Please consult at the bar to organize a trip and for further details. Alternatively, please use the following contact details.

  • Moses - 0721989839
  • Julius - 0725937506
  • Lukas - 0720322113
  • Denis - 0723047182
  • Louis - 0725103553

Island Excursions

Ruko Community Wildlife Conservancy: 500KSh p/p. Day-trip.

Conservation of wildlife and amazing scenic environment at Longicharo provides an outstanding day-trip on the island. This small conservancy specializes in the re-introduction of endangered species and serves as an important holding site for new species whilst boasting magnificent scenery in the hilly escarpment and the acacia canopied grasslands. Come and enjoy a day amongst the endangered Rothschild Giraffes, Impalas and Ostrich as the Rangers help you engineer the rocky hill to get right amongst them. Ensure to bring drinks and snacks for a Sundowner so you can enjoy the famous ‘Baringo Sunset’ over lake in true Kenyan style.

The conservancy can be reached by boat or by road on the eastern side of the lake when the water level is low. (Additional boat hire may be included)

Island Camp Lunch Buffet: 2,500KSh p/p. ½ day trip.

Small, exclusive and remote, Island Camp offers a perfect opportunity to escape the humdrum of city life or a change of pace in-between visiting the many national parks. A chance to relax, recuperate and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the beautiful Ol Kokwa Island. Take a boat over to Ol Kokwa to be wined and dined by the renowned chefs of Island Camp with their lunch buffet. Whilst waiting for lunch to be served take a dip in the luxurious pool or sip lazily on a cocktail in the poolside bar. After lunch, board the boat waiting to bring you back to Roberts’ Camp and you might even catch sight of the elegant Fish Eagle looking for his lunch.

Please book early in advance at the bar so the chef can determine the buffet size.

Excursions Further Afield

Pokot Village: 1,200KSh p/p (subject to group size). Day-trip.

With its 42 tribes, Kenya truly is a melting pot of cultures where ancient, tribal traditions are kept alive, exchanged and celebrated throughout the lands. The Pokot people have one of the most unique cultures in Kenya, having managed to distinguish themselves as one of the few tribes who maintain their own traditional practices without dilution by modern civilization. This day-trip to a Pokot village takes you on a breath-taking journey into a land where time stands still. Eating the local food, attending a Pokot dance and experiencing a Pokot Manyatta, this unforgettable trip will leave you with stories for a life time. Unearth the anthropologist in you and get out to a Pokot village for an once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Il Chamus Cultural Home Visit: 300KSh p/p. 1-2 hours

Submerge yourself in a culture untouched for centuries and experience daily life in a traditional Il Chamus homestead. The Il Chamus are a tribe local to the Baringo areas whose traditions and ways have been preserved through a strong sense of cultural identity. Come and meet an Il Chamus family in their manyattas, learn how to cook their food, rear their animals and speak their language. Stepping into this homestead feels like stepping back in time in the heart of the African bush, a truly enchanting trip for all the family to enjoy. (additional transport costs may be incurred)

Lake Bogoria National Park: Park entrance fee $50. Day-trip. Lake Bogoria is a short 35km drive from Lake Baringo, making it the perfect destination for a day-trip whilst staying at Roberts’ Camp. With its famous hot springs and geysers, Lake Bogoria offers adventurers a thrilling journey into a unique environment where active volcanoes meet wildlife. One for the keen Birders too, Lake Bogoria is home to beautiful flamboyances of flamingoes and the rare Greater Kudu.

Vehicle hire can be provided if required (6,000KSh per day) as well as a Guide if so desired. For further details, please contact the bar.

RAE Clinic Visit: 1000KSH p/p. 1-2 hours

Take an up-close-and-personal tour of the local RAE Trust clinic, meeting the nurses, patients and community members that run this unique and fundamental community service. Learn from the clinic health-workers how to perform their unique method of treating burns victims. This unique method – that was originally developed with cigarette silver paper – is an incredibly effective way of treating serious burns and has saved the lives of countless members of the local community. Along the way you may also encounter scorpion stings, snake attack victims and spider bites!

Excursions Even Further Afield

Lake Nakuru National Park: Entrance fee $80. 1-3 day trip.

If you are interested in extending your stay and want to look further for places of interest, Lake Nakuru National Park provides the ideal game park for Roberts’ Camp guests. Just a 2 hour drive from Roberts’ Camp, the park lies in Central Kenya, in Nakuru district of the Rift Valley Province. The ecosystem comprises of the lake, surrounded by mainly wooded and bushy grasslands. The park supports a wide ecological diversity with Flamingos (Greater and Lesser) and other water birds being the major attractions of the area. The ecosystem provides for about 56 different species of mammals including the white rhino and buffaloes and a variety of terrestrial birds numbering nearly 450 species.

Lake Turkana. Sibiloi National Park Entrance Fee: $20. 3-9 day trip.

This UNESCO world heritage site in the far north of Kenya is an outstanding laboratory for the study of plant and animal communities. The three National Parks serve as a stopover for migrant waterfowl and are major breeding grounds for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of venomous snakes. The Koobi Fora deposits, rich in mammalian, molluscan and other fossil remains, have contributed more to the understanding of paleo-environments than any other site on the continent. For the more rugged traveler, a journey to Lake Turkana will provide unforgettable experiences and opportunities, so long as you don’t mind a bumpy ride getting there!

The park can be accessed by air or by road via a three-day journey from Robert’s Camp. For further details, please contact the bar.